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Based on 955 reviews
Ist sehr gut

Gefällt mir es geht mir dadurch viel besser

interesting product

There does seem to be an effect for more physical balance with one drop in the morning

My metabolism works better

I can actually feel a clear improvement in my metabolism after just 7 days.
I didn't expect that so quickly.
I am very excited to see how I feel after 3 weeks!
Thank you very much!

Natural Defense | 50ml | Cannabinoids X Mushrooms

CBD Gold 35%
Customer M. Merkel
Goodbye pain!

Simply super!

CBD Gold 35%
Guenther Ulsamer
Super product

Helps very well. I take it to help with high blood pressure. This has enabled me to reduce the dose of my medication

Test product

I have only been taking the product for a short time. Have not yet noticed any change.

Natural Defense | 50ml | CBD X Mushrooms
Andreas Alexander Reisenauer

Natural Defense | 50ml | Cannabinoids X Mushrooms

Natural Defense | 50ml | Cannabinoids X Mushrooms

René Witteveen


Cannabinoids X Mushrooms

Add one drop to my coffee in the morning as recommended. I can't say much about the effect yet as I've only been using it for 2 days. The taste is not noticeable in the coffee, which surprised me positively 👍.

I am still unsure whether the new product can be taken several times a day.I take it once a day and am quite surprised that my pain has become much less and can imagine taking it again in the evening.I am 85 years old and my whole body is no longer pain-free.
My recommendation:super

CBD oil

Well tolerated and it helps me to be more relaxed.

Golden Spectrum 35%
Kurt Christof

Golden Spectrum 35%

Natural Defense | 50ml | Cannabinoids X Mushrooms

I have been using shitake in the kitchen for years because of its healing properties.
Unfortunately, the even better mushrooms are not available for me
I improve shitake, in summer I place them in the sun, steeply upwards,
As they say, the mushroom absorbs vitamin D. I use the dried mushrooms
then in the winter time

only compliments! easy to take.

Good experience so far. Perhaps re-evaluate in the longer term.

Unfortunately, I was only able to take one drop once, I held it under my tongue for 2 minutes as recommended and then swallowed it, yes, there was plenty of saliva and still, the one drop burned for hours, I had to eat something again and again to get rid of the burning/taste. Too bad

Golden Spectrum 35%
Hansjürgen Haefke

I am very satisfied with the product and with the way the customer was treated and the whole process Thank you.

Golden Spectrum 35%
Karlheinz Prahm

Golden Spectrum 35%

Golden Spectrum 35%
Holger Mauksch/Lehmann

Golden Spectrum 35%

Golden Spectrum 35%

The effect is hard to describe, the pain is gone and I can walk again I now take almost 20000 steps a day 👍👍👍

The effect is phenomenal - we would love to use it again

CBD Gold 35%
Gabriel Falk
Wow, that's oil!

The best CBD oil I have used so far.